Being A wedding DJ was my calling and I love it

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Being A wedding DJ was my calling and I love it


I arrived at the party right about 30 minutes late. I can’t believe anyone contacted me. This is fate and only fate. It would be impossible to hide the proud and slightly playful smile that grows on my lips and the buzzing energy that I feel on my fingertips. The world is changing and getting a job is not that easy. Simultaneously, though, it’s easier than ever, because anyone can do anything if they really try if they really want to. Although I have my own, very particular, talents and passion, I decided it was time to try a few new things about life, the world, and people.


I started by walking dogs around parks. But I found out that people get upset if you take their dogs without permission. Besides, all the dogs I walked came back home with a partner, and usually, dog owners are not prepared to raise an entire family of dogs. It’s their loss. Next, I tried working as a barista in a coffee shop. It didn’t last more than a day, because I was too good at drawing hearts on the surface of the coffees. So incredibly good I was that I got into a fight with the jealous manager and he fired me. His loss. Finally, after watching too many romantic movies with the perfect amount of comedy thrown in the mix, the idea came to me.


A wedding DJ. It was my calling! I was so inspired, so ready, so prepared for it. It’s a wedding, a celebration of love. It’s a party, and it’s guaranteed fun. And it’s where I will find people, all kinds of people, being themselves or the best versions of themselves. It’s where I would find love. Couldn’t be more perfect. So, I continued to study my favorite romantic movies, taking notes on the soundtracks, the silly or graceful dances, the embarrassing moments or the sparks of love at first sight. I had it all written down as if it was a thesis and I was going for my Ph.D. Wasn’t I going to be the best wedding DJ ever? Of course, I was!


However, I was a little shy, a little scared. I really wanted this to work. So I only dared to put up small advertising on a local newspaper, not exactly expecting anyone to call but hoping they would. And they did. It was a young couple, high school sweethearts, couldn’t be better. I met the couple, and they were so nice, so young and so in love. He was handsome and overly excited for their future together.


She was shy and otherworldly beautiful. Also, I met their parents. Hers were fun and ready for the party. His were older and not excited but happy enough for the couple, I suppose.


The second I arrive I also meet nervous waiters, the smug bartender, the charming florist, stressed-out aunts, already drunk uncles, shy cousins and the eclectic group of friends of the couple. I stay there, setting up all the things I need and feeling as excited as if it was my wedding. I hear from a waiter that the ceremony is a complete success and before I know it everyone is arriving at the party. Somehow it feels like the dresses are brighter, the suits tighter and the smiles bigger, everyone has high expectations, and I’m here to deliver.


Carefully, I go through the couple’s first song. They dance, and it’s lovely. Next, a couple of songs from their personal selection and a few family members and friends join the dance floor. Then, it’s the most important moment, when it’s naturally decided if this is really going to be a party or if everyone is just going to sit around and eat tiny cakes. I look eyes with the bridesmaid, and I receive a signal. It’s my time to shine. I start my playlist with a bang, the trendiest song of the year filling up the room and immediately drawing out everyone under thirty to the dance floor. They start having fun and enough time passes to confuse the older couples and make them uncomfortable for a second. But I catch them as soon as they make a move to leave. Then I attack with a good old classic from twenty years ago. No one can help it, and everyone rushes in. They’re all under my control.


It’s easy then; with a flick of my wrist, I turn their world upside down. Ballads and classic choreographies, silly rap songs and the greatest romantic tunes. It’s all a success, and my heart is beating twice as fast as the music. However, the buzzing energy that I felt when arriving at the place is way too strong. I can’t help it when my fingers basically move on their on, when the switching of songs brings certain people closer when sparks start flying at the rhythm of my songs.


Before I know it, the nervous waiter owns the center of the dance floor with confident, explosive moves demanding everyone’s attention. During a ballad, the florist is snuggled closely to an aunt of the bride. Another song and the bartender is exchanging tender kisses with a cousin of the groom. I flick my wrist, and two strangers leave the party hand in hand. My fingers shake, and the groom’s boss is waltzing out of rhythm with the bride’s secretary. My heart beats wildly and so does the hearts of the bride’s grandfathers, who are exchanging kisses in front of an uncomfortable audience.


So many songs pass, so many kisses exchanged, tender smiles, playful looks, shy hands holding each other and bodies moving all night. No one even noticed when the stars of the night, the newly married couple left the building. Midnight comes and goes, and not a single adult is standing alone, even the little fishes on the tank seem to be having a party. Finally, I allow my heart to slow down a little; I stretch out my limbs and relax for a second. “Great job, Cupid. You did it again” I tell myself with a smile.

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