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I Made Bored People Happy and Made Money


  I worked as a salesman in one big company and made nice money. However, I had been searching for something new to add to my list of skills, an extra opportunity to make more money. I have heard a…

Being A wedding DJ was my calling and I love it


I arrived at the party right about 30 minutes late. I can’t believe anyone contacted me. This is fate and only fate. It would be impossible to hide the proud and slightly playful smile that grows on my lips and…

Get Gigs and Make Money by Promoting Yourself


  Whether you have a wedding DJ business or if you are a club DJ, you will want to promote your business as much as possible.  The easiest way to do this is to approach family and friends.  Make sure…

DJ Skills for Success


To be a successful DJ, you have to dedicate yourself and be confident that you are the best DJ for their event. When DJs battle it’s similar to a sort of exhibition where every DJ has a particular quantity of…