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I Made Bored People Happy and Made Money



I worked as a salesman in one big company and made nice money. However, I had been searching for something new to add to my list of skills, an extra opportunity to make more money. I have heard a lot of really wealthy people advise that it was better to have more than one source of income.


I didn’t want to have only one source of income so I began to search for other things that I could do to make more money. For a very long time, I searched and searched, but I couldn’t find anything to do. I worked hard at my job and kept hoping for an excellent job.


One day, the company organized a dinner which all employees were mandated to attend. We all dressed in formal attires and attended. The dinner took place in the hall of a wonderful hotel.


The dinner was going so well, but they’re a big problem. The DJ who had been paid didn’t show up, so there was no music. The party began to look boring. I borrowed a laptop from one of the executives and connecting to the hotel’s Wi-Fi, I downloaded some songs and a DJ software that I knew about.


I had done some DJing when I was in college, but I hadn’t taken it seriously. Now, that I thought about it, DJs were currently making waves and making cool money from the profession.

In a few minutes, everything was ready. I connected the laptop to the camera. I borrowed an earpiece from someone and connected it to the laptop. I was good to go. I looked around saw everyone looking dejected and making small talk.


Let’s do this,” I said.

I pressed play on the first song. The sound was loud, and it stunned everyone as they looked around to see what the commotion was. The CEO was the first to jump up, followed by other executives. They began to dance to the song. Soon, everyone else joined in.


The all moved to the dance floor and began to scream like a bunch of kids in a circus. As the song was reaching a high level, I changed the song to another hot song of the moment.

They all screamed once more and gyrated to the song. I could see some men actually taking off their suits and dancing wildly to the songs from the speakers. I had made sure to download all the hottest songs of the moment.


I looked around, and I was proud of what I had achieved. I had turned a dull moment into a wild and exciting moment. I had made bored people happy in just a short while. For a long time, I continued to act the part of a DJ as I changed songs and made people dance and dance.

In the end, many people congratulated me and thanked me for a wonderful night. The CEO spoke to me. He shook my hand and told me that I was now the official DJ of the company. I was very happy, and I silently thanked the DJ who hadn’t showed up.


It didn’t end there. People from the company began to invite me to come and do some DJ work in their parties. I purchased a new laptop and bought a sophisticated DJ software. I would work in the company during the day and then go for DJ gigs in the night.

I began to make cool money too. There were lots of benefits in DJing. One of them, obviously, is getting paid to do something that I liked to do. I was also able to make the songs of new artistes known to the party goers. Whenever I found out that I loved a song, I would play it and make sure that people liked it too. Another important benefit was that I could dress anyhow I wanted to the parties I was invited to.


As I began to make more money and become popular, I began to think about leaving my job and focusing on this new career. However, I remembered my promise to have more than one source of income so I could not leave my workplace yet.

Then something happened that changed everything. My older brother who had several clubs in two other cities visited me one day and informed me that he wanted to establish a nightclub in the area asked if I could be in charge.

I was amazed. It was a wonderful opportunity. I could be a businessman and at the same time work as a DJ. I would also be able to hold myself to my promise of having two sources of income.

I didn’t hesitate and agreed wholeheartedly. We shopped for a building to use and after two weeks, we found a nice one in the center of town. We made all the necessary preparations, and we started the business there.


I informed my supervisor of my intent to resign to focus on my new life. He took me to the CEO who appreciated all that I had done. He told me that I would still be the official DJ of the company.

I began life in the new nightclub, and due to my expertise in the art of DJing, the club soon became the place to attend for a wonderful time. Every night, I made people excited and happy as they danced wildly in celebration of one thing or the other, or danced away their sorrows.

I was invited to several parties, sometimes in the night, and several times, I had to leave one of my workers to act as DJ in the club while I attended some other night parties. Soon, I began international known.

I explored my skills and made a song with a hot singer and made an album that brought me more fame and made me more money. Every day, I remember the dinner that had made me a DJ, and I smile.

Greatness usually comes from the little things.

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