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I worked as the DJ at CLUB



It was a Friday night, that time of the night when everyone just wanted to unwind and have fun to ease off the stress of the week. It was eleven p.m. and ATOM CLUBHOUSE where I worked as the DJ was filled to the brim as usual. People were also thronging in by the passing minute. I changed the music to one of CardiB’s newest hit, and the people yelled, stomping their feet and putting up their hands in the air while singing along with the song.


I smiled as I observed the reaction of the people. I loved what I was doing, and the fact that people could forget themselves and all their worries while I was at it was enough reward for me.

“HI HANDSOME!” I heard someone yell over the loud booming sound of the music and I looked. It was Mona.

“Hi,” I replied stiffly and went back to facing my business.

“Come on,” she whined, “tell me you didn’t miss me.”

Knowing fully well that she was trouble, I didn’t even bother looking at her again. That was the mistake I made the other time.

“Let me in into your booth, would you?” she yelled over the noise of the music, and this time, I turned to look at her face. She had that duck face that she knew got to me every single time she did it.

I shook my head and changed the music that I was playing.

“You are not going to answer me, are you?” she yelled again, and I sighed.

Mona was one persistent girl, and I knew she would keep on pestering me till I gave in to whatever it was that she wanted. She had done it enough times for me to know just how persistent she could be. The key to wading her off was not to even give her any attention at all. Whenever I tried to make her see sense on why she needed to leave me alone, I always end up falling into her trap again and again.

When she saw that I was determined not to talk to her, she decided to employ seduction. Mona started untying the knot that held her long jacket, and I knew immediately that there was trouble. I tried to avert my eyes but I couldn’t, and I ended up looking at her again.

The sight that greeted me made me swallow nervously. She had just a tube top, and a bum short underneath the jacket and both left nothing to the imagination. She winked at me and started swaying her hips seductively to the music. Mona was a good dancer, I hated to admit it, but she was. She twisted and turned all for my viewing pleasure, and I felt my resolve begin to waver.

“Mona is my ex. She dumped me for one of those rich drug cartels. Mona is a gold digger,” I started chanting as a way of reminding myself of why I couldn’t give in to her this time.

Strengthened by this resolve, I was able to successfully peel my eyes away from her and focus on my job.

She must have been dancing in front of my booth for about ten minutes when a man with greasy hair and cheap tattoos on his neck and arms swaggered towards her. She was dancing with her back turned to his direction when he got to where she was.

He smacked his lips and placed his hands on her waist and started swaying together with her. I could see that she was shocked at first to feel hands on her body and I was about shooing the boy away on her behalf when she turned to see who it was.

A frown clouded her face, and I smiled, expecting her to shoo Greasy away. She stopped short for about five seconds before she did the last thing that I was expecting. She leaned in and kissed Greasy right on the lips. My eyes widened in shock, and at that moment, she pulled out of the kiss, turned her face to look at me, saw the shocked look on my face, smiled, gave me a little wink and went straight back to kissing him.

I was shocked and dumbfounded at the same time, the Mona that I knew wouldn’t kiss a random stranger like that. She might be a gold digger, but she was not without some virtues. The only painful part of it was that I allowed her to see the shock on my face.

I looked at the both of them again and saw her kissing him as though her life depended on it while he groped her body. She gave loud, exaggerated laughs at intervals. It was then that I realized that she was putting all these dramas up because of me. I simply smirked and shook my head. The best thing she could do was to pick a better person to grope her, I thought. At that point, Greasy had a hand in her bum short, and the look on his face was that of a cat that had just found a pot of cookies.

At that moment, about five men and two ladies entered the clubhouse. Just a glance at the entrance and my eyes widened in their sockets. I quickly looked at Mona and groaned. Greasy still had a hand dipped in her shorts, and the other hand was beginning to make its way gradually to her cleavage. Greasy had her back pinned to the wall, and she was licking his face.

I knew I had to warn her before things got out of hand and there was no way to do that except I yelled her name across the room. I glanced at the newcomers and saw that they were still far off. I decided to take the chance.

“MONA!’ I yelled, and she resurfaced from the kiss and looked at me.

I gestured at her to leave, but she shook her head, winked and simply went right back to the kiss.

“MONA!” I yelled again wanting to call her attention to the newcomers. This time, she didn’t even resurface from the kiss.

I glanced at the newcomers again and saw someone point Mona to the leader of the pack. His eyes narrowed, and he slipped a hand into his jacket. Knowing what to expect next, I yelled “MONA” again for the last time to warn her before diving to the floor. I had hardly hit the floor when the sound of gunshot rent the air.

I held my breath as I heard the commotion. Drug cartels don’t take lightly to being cheated on by their girlfriends, and even though I had tried to warn Mona when her boyfriend and his gang had entered, she had chosen not to heed my call.

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