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My Part Time Job as Wedding DJ


I needed to do something that was full of fun and which made me feel excited and happy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of any. I knew how to play football, but there was no way I would be drafted to play in leagues. It was even laughable.

There are many skills I had, but it would take a great connection and extreme luck to make money from those. One thing I knew how to do for example was performed as a DJ. Mention any event, and I can create and mix songs for you that will fit that event. Unfortunately, despite telling a lot of people that I was a DJ, no one even bothered to invite me to anything.

I suddenly found my job boring, and I was tired of it. However, I had no other job, and this one paid my rent and got me fed. I worked as a doorman in a very big hotel. There was fun in the job, and I was being paid a large enough salary. There were also the tips that the regulars of the hotel gave me whenever they stayed over.

However, I didn’t feel that much of excitement now like I did when I first began the job. Thankfully, I worked in shifts from the morning, and I left in the evening. Someone else would take my place from the evening until the next day. I did the job well, and it is evident in my popularity with other staff members, like the cooks in the kitchen, the security guards and the receptionists.

The only person who I was sure didn’t like me was my immediate boss, who was the manager of the hotel. That was not surprising. When I was dating his cousin, I was his golden boy, but when I broke up with his cousin, he made sure that he gave me a lot of problems every time.

There was an event center close to the hotel where I worked, and the owner of the hotel also owned it. I was close to the guys who run the place, and I have also told them many times that I was a DJ, but they didn’t take me seriously. Instead, they spend a lot of money to invite over fancy DJs who were not even as good as I was.

Then one Friday when I went to my boss’ office to get paid, he surprised me by inviting me to go with me to a wedding party. The name on his office door said “M. Dickens.”

You are joking right?” was all I could say. I was so sure that he was planning to somehow play a prank on me.

Please say yes,” Mr. Dickens said.

No! I am not going,” I said.

But why?”

I was surprised that he could ask me that. “You don’t even like me,” I said.

It’s not that I don’t like you; I don’t like how you broke my cousin’s heart,” he said.

We had been over this countless times. “I found your cousin on my bed in the apartment, and she wasn’t alone.”

Kayla is a beautiful, gentle and pure girl. I don’t believe you.”

Whatever, boss. I am not going with you.”

I have asked all the others, and no one wants to follow me.”

Add me to the list,” I told him.


Have you forgotten that I am on duty tomorrow? Oh, I see now. You want to get me to follow you to the party, and then you will refuse to pay me.”

No, no. I told Matthew to cover for you tomorrow,” Mr. Dickens said.

Really? And he agreed?”

Yeah, he said he impregnated his girlfriend, and her father has been looking for him.”

I laughed. “Okay, I will go with you.”

Thank you,” he said.

Ever since that day, I have always been happy that I agreed to go with Mr. Dickens. I prepared myself to go to the wedding ceremony. I figured that I would enjoy myself over there and enjoy wonderful wine and food. I also figured that I had the chance to meet beautiful ladies and perhaps, invite them to dinner someday.

The next day, Mr. Dickens picked me up in his car. I wondered how he knew my address. It must be in one of the files about the staff that he kept in his office. There were many people already waiting at the wedding venue. We arrived just as the couple was pronounced husband and wife.

Then everyone moved to the reception area, and that was where the problem was. It turned out that the DJ was arrested for possession of drugs on his way to the wedding venue. He had been there before, but he had returned home to pick up some drugs so that he could perform to the best of his abilities. Now, the wedding reception was going to be dull without a DJ.

Mr. Dickens remembered that I was a DJ, so he asked me to step. I was unwilling at first, but he managed to convince me. Everything had already been set up. Thankfully, I had on me my collection of songs for several events.

I plugged everything in, and the reception was transformed. Where there were sadness and boredom before, everything turned into excitement. I played them lots of wonderful songs. It was cool and funny at the same time to see Mr. Dickens dance wildly, as did the newlyweds.

I got my first pay for that, and boy was it huge. The newlyweds were so happy that I made them and their guests very happy. Immediately, four different couples told me that they were getting married soon and would I be available to act as a DJ. I accepted instantly.

That was how my part-time wedding DJ job began. Surprisingly, Mr. Dickens allowed me to keep my job even though I wouldn’t come to work on occasions.

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